‘Selamat Datang’ means ‘Welcome’ in the Malay language, the official language of the country I’m from, Malaysia. Hi there, my name is Yongjue Tan, you can call me Yongjue (pronounced Yong-Joo). Although my name sounds Korean, I’m not one =)

I aspire to be a successful blogger like Chris Guillebeau, Natalie Sisson and Scott Dinsmore, making a living through blogging about my passion, which is supporting people around the world to discover happiness within. I believe we don’t need Gucci, Prada or Lamborghini to be truly happy.

My vision is to travel around the world to collect stories about discovering happiness within, from 2013 onwards. To get myself inspired by creative people around the world who dream big and make their dreams come true, I have recently made a life-changing decision of getting myself a ticket to World Domination Summit happening July 2013.

I used to prefer the ‘Impossible Is Nothing’ philosophy, but now I’m a believer of ‘Just Do It!’. I know I can have many great dreams and great plans, but if I don’t start doing it, nothing will ever happen. Coincidentally, I heard about the $100 Change programme initiated by Natalie Sisson. That’s when I know I should commit myself to starting my blog. Start small, persevere and something BIG will happen.

As you can see, I don’t have an interesting name for my blog yet. That’s because I’m planning something BIG which is related to my vision, but I will only reveal the details when the time matures. This is a tip I learned from Chris Guillebeau, that it’s a better idea to launch my project when I have 3-month’s worth of content, just in case something comes up after the launch & I don’t have time to write more content. So apart from writing this blog, I will be secretly writing content for my BIG project, which I target to launch in April 2013.

Meanwhile, I’m starting this blog to get myself committed to blogging, hone my writing skills as well as start interacting with fellow netizens who share my belief that true happiness can be discovered within. Our happiness should not be determined by external factors. No matter what challenges we face, we can choose to be happy.

Through this blog, I will be sharing happiness which I discover within myself, and also stories of people around me discovering happiness within. I’m committed to writing at least a post everyday, regardless of the length of the post.  If I don’t, please support me by giving me a nudge through Twitter (@yongjue) so that I remember to honour my words.

Last but not least, thank you for visiting my blog. It really means a lot to me. I know you are here to support my growth and you want me to contribute to this world on a bigger scale, one day. Feel free to give me comments and guidance so that I can improve myself.

Together with me, Yongjue Tan, let’s create a world where happiness becomes effortless =)